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This index was generated by a program .. I went to some trouble to sort these by datestamp, hope you appreciate(d) this!

GroupXfer, [3494 bytes], last changed 20 Sep 1997 18:45
Keep track of which newsgroup downloads are costing the most. Requires NewsHound 1.22 and a (recent?) copy of !Perl. *new* Now includes all 12 months of the year. <blush>
EVERYTHING, [92 Kbytes], last changed 11 Sep 1997 22:40
Just a zip file of the pub directory, for those with more internet bandwidth than brain bandwidth. 8-)

Not likely to be updated so often, but anything above it in the list is new, of course.

MkIndx, [5 Kbytes], last changed 11 Sep 1997 21:49
The program that made this index.
clock, [82 bytes], last changed 11 Sep 1997 21:27
You remember the clock I had on my webserver when it was Well, it's still here. Problem is, it only gets updated once in a while so it's even less useful.
FaxRecr, [5 Kbytes], last changed 11 Sep 1997 17:51
Hotkey utility to kick ArcFax into picking up the phone (loading it if necessary). Also provides hotkey for answering a voice call in speakerphone mode, if your modem supports it.
DDrag06, [2102 bytes], last changed 05 Jun 1997 11:49
A little utility to allow you to do old-fashioned dashbox drags on windows by holding down Alt. It's handy for programs like Photodesk or Sibelius if your computer isn't quite fast enough.
ChkMTrns07, [13 Kbytes], last changed 01 Jun 1997 15:05
Wimp-polling program that keeps an eye on MessageTrans' linked list. It's the same problem Stewart Brodie was investigating ... running it is easy, but making sense of the output will require a basic understanding of MessageTrans.

The program has successfully prevented several crashes, but is not reliable in this respect.

It has also indicated that the Taskwindow module has some bugs to fix...

loader3, [3382 bytes], last changed 29 May 1997 21:14
If you like the old Beeb Acornsoft logo, or you think you could use it to give someone a severe nostalgia attack, you'll be wanting this mod for your boot sequence. [Acornsoft logo]
cpUsage, [8 Kbytes], last changed 21 Feb 1997 05:08
A crash-proof usage monitor. My machine crashes more often than it gets shut down, so this program stores the uptime/keyboard activity time in CMOS RAM and saves it to disk on the next reboot.

The logger works, although it is known to cause completely stiff hangs when used with !Play. The analysis program leaves much to be desired. Anyone know of a nice [free] barchart plotter?

CDvolume, [1881 bytes], last changed 08 Feb 1997 06:37
Program for the boot sequence, provides a quiet default CD audio volume.
RMAutil111, [19 Kbytes], last changed 20 Jan 1997 02:26
They work on RISC OS 3.00 - 3.70, that I know of. They're handy for tracking down where the free space is in the RMA, and what's stopping you using it.

I'm afraid this one isn't a program for the faint hearted! Also, if you run a lot of things for a long time on a RiscPC you'll need the update that I'll put here RSN. 8-}

CDstuff2, [11 Kbytes], last changed 20 Jan 1997 02:11
Some CD_ReadAudio demo programs, including 2Dstereo and WetSock (filter). See also TrkDump. You'll need a CD drive that supports the raw audio read command, some of the (older?) ones don't I'm afraid.
NewsRCsave, [3784 bytes], last changed 12 Jan 1997 18:57 here to save the screams of anguish of those who find something has performed a lobotomy on their NewsRC file. Works for Messenger 0.2x to 1.0x that I know of, should be adaptable for TTFN too.
sound-16, [5 Kbytes], last changed 10 Jan 1997 21:50
Just a list of 16-bit sound SWIs I mailed someone, and a few other people asked for copies.
NoseyArc, [10 Kbytes], last changed 02 Oct 1993 15:56
The Nosey Module is getting a bit out of date, but if you don't get on with the Doggysoft Hacker then try it... needs GameOn on a RiscPC, but not StrongGuard.
clock-old, [82 bytes], last changed 22 Mar 1927 01:16
You remember the clock I had on my webserver when it was Well, it's still here. Problem is, it only gets updated once in a while so it's even less useful.

You'll find that most of my programs can be hacked about fairly easily, if you're into that sort of thing - they're mostly in BASIC/assembler. Please don't distribute tweaked versions, though, just send me a copy if you like.

You'll also find that the archives have files in them newer than the stamp on this page. That's because I reset the stamp back to the last actual change after I corrected my contact details in each archive.

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