"Postage Paid" list

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This information is specific to the UK Royal Mail (Consignia, or whatever they're called this week). It may be specific to Cambridge, but that's unlikely.

I've noticed that the numbers on the bulk-mailed "postage paid" envelopes can sometimes tell you what's inside. Since many are otherwise anonymous until you open them, this may be handy for those who wish to return mail unopened.

These details are on the front of envelopes containing mail delivered through one's door. The ones listed below were not all addressed to me. Some of the senders are unknown, but I've noted the number anyway.

I had a quick search for a couple of these on Google, but AFAICS there is no record of them on the 'net. The Royal Mail website is very pretty but not helpful.

I'm just at the stamp-collecting stage of this at the moment. I thought it might be amusing to start the collection, and interesting to see whether anyone stumbles across it.

If there is some interest, I could set up a proper database with fields for

Entered in August 2002

The addresses here are, in most cases, the ones printed on the back of the envelope. i.e.non-delivery addresses. Some of these specify that they should not be used for correspondence.
HQ7594	Demon Internet, billing
HQ4489	British Gas, "Service care membership office", spamming for central heating insurance (!)
HQ5819	British Gas, billing
HQ655	Barclays, PO Box 6539, Leicester, LE87 2GA
HQ1282	Beneficial credit card spam, in the name of Cambridge University
HQ145	Inland Revenue
HQ5120	Student Loans Company (repayment rate notification)
HQ1307	The Halifax
HQ2217	Avis / Optecon Ltd?
HQ5608	Tesco stores
HQ4876	Tesco clubcard
HQ2320	Barclaycard, other Barclays plastic
HQ8360	(TV Licensing | Customer Services), Bristol, BS98 1TL
HQ9376	Intelligent Finance, (statements), PO Box 1717 EH54 7WQ
HQ228	Alliance & Leicester (credit card statement)	Card Service Centre, PO Box 645 Liverpool L69 8HF
HQ444	Alliance & Leicester (credit card statement)	As above. This is odd, because the HQ number is different. Maybe I've made a mistake?
	("This is not a circular", it says on the rectangular envelope. Always makes me chuckle)
HQ1307	Intelligent Finance, (PIN number), PO Box 1717 EH54 7AZ
HQ4606	Lloyds TSB Registrars, The Causeway, Worthing, West Sussex, BN99 6DA; non-delivery: PO Box 1155, Worthing, BN99 6RB
HQ3416	Lloyds TSB Registrars, The Causeway, Worthing, West Sussex, BN99 6DA; non-delivery: PO Box 1155, Worthing, BN99 6RB
"HQ Serial No. 531"	BT Billing,
"Edinburgh 130" 'sale!' postcard
HQ6695	Telecom Plus Plc., Dryden House, The Edge Business Centre, Humber Road, London NW2 6EW
HQ3760	American Life Insurance Company, Alico House, 22 Addiscombe Road, Croydon CR9 5AZ ("Cold called, wouldn't take no for an answer; order it and then cancelled")
PBP80445	American Life Insurance Company (again)
HQ2001	NatWest, Level 1, 4 Eastcheap, London EC3M 1AH [e-savings, insurance]
HQ194	Natwest; PO Box No 114, London E1 8HL [statement]
HQ1360	Christian Aid newsletter
HQ332	Christian Aid, PO Box 100, London SE1 7RT ("begging letter to increase regular donation")
HQ4941	Southern Electric gas (?), PO Box 6009, Basingstoke, RG21 8ZD
HQ4330	Cellular Operations Ltd., Century Road, Hillmead, Swindon, Wiltshire SN5 5DR
HQ4330	NTL; PO Box 7612, Hungerford, Berks RG17 0FB (cable modem bill)
HQ7904	Halifax card services (statement), Pitreavie Business Park, Dunfermline KY99 4BR
"Newcastle Upon Tyne Great Britain 1011"	Canford Group Plc., Crowther Road, Washington, Tyne & Wear NE38 0BW, UK
HQ537	TXU Energi, 1050 Europa Boulevard, Warrington, WA5 7ZD
HQ7796	The Learning Library Ltd. / Stow College?
HQ9741	oh, some credit offer...  I forgot to write the details

unknown/unopened but including blatant junk mail



Hmm, there are "PB" numbers too, which seem to be printed by franking machines. There are lots of these, and they usually have a company logo on them anyway. There doesn't seem to be much point in listing them.

Also, I haven't looked at listing "Printed papers, sealed under permit".