How to contact Matthew

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There are other people on "" now. Some of them are listed on the front page, the rest will announce themselves to you in their own way.
Which email address?

All the addresses still work, and will probably continue to do so for some time.

I'm not quite sure yet. I have lots of addresses that work, but I haven't yet configured any sensible anti-spam tools.

I'm not sure whether I want to keep generating lots of varied addresses and then retire them periodically, or just have one sensible address and some good filters. The latter seems much more sensible. In the meantime, you can point at me and laugh because I "don't know my own email address".

In the running are

For now, just use something that looks sensible or call me root.

Please send only plain text email

Most of the HTML formatted emails I get are spam. If you send me non-text emails, I may bother to bounce it so you know I haven't read it.

Please use GPG or equivalent
You can obtain the useful keys locally. All are available via a search on the key server.

If I revoke any key, the only circumstance in which I will not be prepared to explain my reasons for doing so will be when UK government authorities have stipulated that providing such an explanation would be unlawful. See RIP Act 2000.

On the other hand if the encryption subkey has simply expired and not been replaced with a new one, that's purely down to laziness on my part. 8-/

So what is then?

The whole domain is delivered to my desktop machine at work. I tend to use it for subscribing to mailing lists which I joined at work (for whatever reason - generally no good reason anyway).

I'm sure I could post rabid opinions to mailing lists with a company email address, and not get into trouble. I'm lucky enough to have a boss who understands that he doesn't own me. The flip side is that there's no point in taking advantage just because I can.

As for why I read mailing lists at work? Well, sometimes I pick up technical skills on these lists. Other times it's just part of keeping a finger on the pulse of the world.


I've got one of these (two, actually). They're plugged in at the wall. I'll probably tell you the number if you ask. I usually allow callerid out, too.

I need to grow my repertoire of stupid tricks to play on cold callers. I'm currently wondering whether it would be excessively rude to invite round the (Zenith, as it happens) salespeople who called this morning, just to waste their time. If they'd been 30 minutes earlier they would have woken me up (Sunday).

Oh and I have a phone at work too. Isn't modern technology marvellous?