What is t8o.org about?

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A citizen of the Internet needs a home. I have had a few homes, on and off the 'net, and I started to grow weary of moving - moving the belongings from one site to another, telling people of new contact details, etc..

My hope is that "t8o.org" can be a permanent home on the 'net for me and the things I am interested in, and that I will be able to offer some virtual shelter to friends and family who have needed to change ISP recently for one reason or another.

You might want to know,

There is sometimes some confusion as to whether the name is t8o.org (with a letter 'o') or t80.org (with a figure '0').

I expected this might happen, so both should work the same way. The correct spelling is with the letter, so far as anyone is checking.

Don't try t8o.0rg (org spelled with a number) because that will never work!

Previously known as...

Actually I haven't been through a lot of ISPs in my time.