Why t8o.org?

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Why not stick with fruitcake.demon.co.uk?

The problem with a Demon account is it ties me to one ISP. In the long term this isn't very bright, so I'm slowly making myself portable. If I switch ISP in future, I can just carry the domain(s) with me when I go - I shouldn't have to change my email address again.

This doesn't mean I'm necessarily going to kill off the fruitcake account immediately, because I want to keep the email address and web forwarding .. and quite possibly use Demon for 'net access!

What does it mean?

The choice of "t8o.org" came first, then I fitted some reasons to that choice. Can you tell?

I wanted something short, and all the three lettered domains had gone. I used the 3 letter acronym finder site to pick this, then declared it a contraction of "potato".

It leaves scope for silly subdomains such as mashed.t8o.org, mouldy.t8o.org etc., but I don't have immediate plans for these.

Why keep the "Matthew" pages separate from the top level page, and then the "Toy" pages separate again?

Well at the moment I could just have one page which covers all three together, but then if I add something I have to restructure my site. Again.

It just seems cleaner and tidier this way...